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Primer is an online community where 7-14 year olds spend their time coding video games, writing their own books, and exploring nature. And we make it easy to manage your kids' progress throughout the year.

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How to homeschool with Primer


Learn how homeschooling works where you live

Our homeschooling compliance tool will tell you everything you need to do to meet your state's homeschool compliance laws.


Get your kids excited to learn at home

Get your kids comfortable with the idea of learning at home and prepare your learning environment.


Check out your shiny new tools

Our Parent Dashboard is a collection of tools to manage and observe your kids' progress, community engagement, and attendance at events.


Find your kids' new obsession

Whether you're seasoned homeschoolers or a family of first-timers, Primer's community can help you achieve your learning goals. For kids, Primer is the perfect place to get excited about the things they learn in their core curriculum.

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Primer is $49/month for one kid, then $19/month for each additional kid.

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